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Société des Bollandistes


Hagiographical studies have never taken such an important place as in recent times : innumerable publications and conferences have been highlighting for some years the eminent role of hagiographic sources in our knowledge of societies, cultures and civilizations of the Christian world.

For the Société des Bollandistes, however, hagiography is not a temporary fashion : it has been a tradition for 400 years ! It was indeed in 1607 that the Jesuit Heribert Rosweyde published his Fasti Sanctorum, a booklet announcing the project of a new collection of ancient and medieval saints’ lives, realized according to rigorous philological and historical criteria. In 1643 the first volume of Acta Sanctorum was published in Antwerp.

Since then, a small group of hagiographers has been strenuously continuing the work of John Bollandus (†1665). Methods may have progressed, as well as knowledge, even the aspect of the books has changed, but the spirit is always the same. It is the spirit of a team of specialists, entirely devoted to hagiographical research : only hagiography, but the whole of it (Latin, Greek, Oriental...).

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