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Conférence : Oscar Romero - prophet and martyr of a church for the poor

18 mai 2015

Lundi, 18.05.2015,19h00
Chapelle de la Résurrection, Bruxelles

Archbishop Oscar Romero, martyred thirty-five years ago at his church’s altar, will be beatified in San Salvador 23 May. He shepherd his flock with his prophetic faithful and faith-filled commitment to justice, and ultimately gave up his life for his sheep. He models, as Pope Francis has said, what it means to lead a poor church for the poor.
Speaker : Fr Martin Maier SJ
Fr Martin Maier worked as a parish priest in El Salvador in the late 1980’s where he met friends and companions of Archbishop Romero. Since then, he has continued to minister in El Salvador, including working as a visiting professor at the Central American University in San Salvador. Fr Maier is an internationally renowned expert on liberation theology. In 2010, he published a biography on Oscar Romero. Currently, he works as Secretary for European Affairs with the Jesuit European Social Centre in Brussels.
After the conference of Fr Maier will join with three Salvadorians who will give short testimonies about what Archbishop Romero meant to them.
The conference will be held in English.
More information : Fr Maier on Oscar Romero : http://www.jesuit.org.uk/blog/last-... (in English) Interview with Fr. Maier on the beatification of Oscar Romero http://de.radiovaticana.va/news/201... (in German)

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